Additional Klinefelter’s Syndrome Resources

Because we strive to provide a comprehensive amount of knowledge regarding Klinefelter’s Syndrome on our website, there are other additional resources we would like to make available to our users. Below we have provided several different websites that contain valuable information about Klinefelter’s Syndrome. For more information, we encourage you to check out the resources they have to offer.

  • Klinefelter’s Syndrome Association

    The Klinefelter’s Syndrome Association of the UK supplies its members with information over the phone, by letter, and through their website. In addition to producing a newsletter, the Association also maintains close connections with other KS associations worldwide. They actively strive to provide the most up to date information to their members. Furthermore, they also hold an annual conference and activity weekends throughout the year for their members, in addition to regular chapter meetings across the United Kingdom.

  • Klinefelter Organisation

    The Klinefelter Organisation is a not for profit, volunteer organisation, based in the United Kingdom, that is funded through public donations and membership subscription fees. KO states that their purpose is to:

    • Serve as a contact point for sufferers of Klinefelter’s Syndrome for the express purpose of providing mutual support.
    • Provide resources and information to, not only patients with a confirmed diagnosis, but also to their partners and family members.
    • Increase the general public’s awareness of Klinefelter’s Syndrome within the United Kingdom.
  • Klinefelter’s Syndrome – Mayo Clinic

    For those who are looking for a comprehensive compendium of knowledge about Klinefelter’s Syndrome, the Mayo Clinic’s website offers a wealth of knowledge. In addition to a basic definition, overview of symptoms, causes, and risk factors, and different tests and diagnoses, the Clinic’s website also offers helpful resources on how to prepare for doctor’s appointments, how to cope with a confirmed diagnosis, support groups, and how to offer support to those who have been diagnosed with this condition.

  • Genetic Alliance UK

    The Genetic Alliance UK is a national charity that consists of over 160 different patient organisations that support patients affected by a wide variety of different medical conditions, including Klinefelter’s Syndrome. Their primary goal is to offer a united voice for all patients affected by genetic conditions so that they are empowered to work together to improve the quality of life for affected patients and families.
    The services they provide include:

    • Campaigning on issues regarding practice and policy
    • Offering information and support to patients and their families
    • Educating lawmakers, medical health professionals, patients, their families, and the general public at large
    • Encouraging and supporting the creation and development of top notch services and info and making sure that they are made available to everyone
    • Offering a common meeting place for affected patients and families

    The most important thing when faced with the need to find out more is that you are able to access the available resources. We hope that because of this article you will be able to do just that. Remember, you needn’t suffer alone.